Everything you need to know about International Students Health Insurance in the US

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The foremost rule to begin traveling overseas for higher education is to secure your travel and stay in the United States. As a student, it is essential to strategize the expenses, especially regarding health and wellness in a foreign country, considering the cost of only a single doctor’s visit. Health Insurance for students traveling abroad for their higher studies in study destinations such as the US, UK, Germany, Australia, etc, is an obligation.

Every university marks student insurance as a requirement but not a choice. The insurance plan could be a university-sponsored, external health insurance plan, or any other either under your employer, parents, or spouse’s plan who are based in the US. Based on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) passed in 2010, the US government emphasized medical practice’s clinical, financial, and technological aspects.  It was done to make the health infrastructure much more improve and accessible and lower the cost of medical facilities.

Further in this article, the expert’s from Secure Cover would elaborate in detail about the International Student Health Insurance in the US.

Health Insurance in the US for Study Abroad Aspirants

Insurance is an obligatory requirement in the US due to the high cost of medical facilities, especially a general physician’s consultation. Every university in the US offers each international student health insurance, mainly called Student Health Insurance Plan or SHIP. The cost of international student medical health insurance costs is included as part of the fees in their admission letter (Which is known as I20 Form). Most of the time, this cost seems to be expensive or out of an Indian student’s budget because cost-effective and well-featured health insurance plans from the US and Indian Insurance companies are available.

Other than being able to afford the expensive treatment in the US, there is plenty of reason why an Internation student/study abroad aspirant must own comprehensive health insurance. A student in the US must be in financial peace while visiting an urgent care facility in case of any health issue.

Some universities give international students the option to opt-out of university insurance with a more affordable external source of student health insurance plans. But while choosing the exterior plans, a student must ensure that their health insurance can fulfill certain conditions prescribed by the university. Fulfillment of these conditions would lead to the waving of the university insurance. Some of the standard criteria are as follows: –

  • The plan should be comprehensive health coverage for the entire period of study, which could be either all or just one semester.
  • The plan should include primary and preventive services, along with emergency and surgical services.
  • The plan should have a certain amount of maximum deductible, co-pay, co-insurance, and Out of pocket maximum.
  • The plan should cover pre-existing diseases
  • The plan should be US-based.

Hence, students must be smart enough to realize, first of all, that it is not always mandatory to buy high-priced health insurance from the university. Secondly, when international students get the option of waiving the university health insurance, they must closely look for those options and choose the best insurance plan that fulfills waiver university criteria and your medical requirements.

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