About Us

We, Secure Cover (Earlier known as Gee Insurance & Financial Services), are your partners in risk mitigation exercise and have great expertise to find practical & innovative solutions for protection through risk transfer, no matter how complex they might be and assist them in their identification transfer and administration in most optimum, efficient & economic manner.

Our approach is simple yet refreshingly different. We build lasting partnership with all our Stakeholder, Clients, Insurers and Re-insurers. We take pride in what we do which makes us always adopt a never say die attitude in order to achieve the best result

At Secure Cover, we believe that a long term relationship with clients can only be built through proactive and transformational engagement. Through threat assessment, need identification and value proposition, we try to remove risks and uncertainties faced by our clients. Our operating procedures are both standardized, to meet quality standards, and flexible, to address any problem that may require special attention.

Secure Cover’s product offerings add value to our clients’ business by being instruments of targeted relief. Adequate and timely compensations help our clients minimize losses incurred in the wake of an unforeseen event which could have negative financial consequences for their business in short as well as long term. Thus, they ensure unimpeded growth for our client organizations.

At Secure Cover, we understand the value of clients’ time. That is why we employ simplified processes that are easy to understand and convenient to execute at each stage of engagement with clients. Such processes save time as well as lessen workload of our clients, thereby enabling them to concentrate on activities that associated with running their business. We mind our business with passion so that you can mind business without worry.

For over 10 years, we, at Secure Cover have been helping individuals as well as businesses grow and prosper. By learning from our experience, we have been able to build an efficient service organization focused on taking care of client’s interest. We have a well laid out mechanism for acquiring and retaining institutional knowledge and experience. This has helped Secure Cover enhance its efficiency, at all levels, with each passing year.

Unlike other organizations, Secure Cover excludes end user (its clients) from its source of income. That is why we don’t charge anything (either overtly or covertly) from end users. We have a robust and transparent system of financial transaction with no additional service fee or hidden cost. All our revenue comes in the form of commission from the insurance provider.

At Secure Cover, we believe that the real test of our commitment towards our clients is when they make insurance claims. Hence, we have deployed our best employees to that end so that when our clients make insurance claims, we are able to provide them with employees who are specialists with several years of experience in insurance claim assistance