List of disputes that could cause rejection in Insurance Claims

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Since the second pandemic wave broke out in India, many people have rushed towards opting for a comprehensive health plan. The fear of being struck by any health condition has made people panic for themselves and their loved ones. Amidst a massive crisis for healthcare facilities during the past few months, people have lost their […]

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No Claim Bonus: Remunerative Partner in your Health Insurance

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It always feels extra special when you are rewarded. The benefit implied can help provide better facilities shortly. It also means health insurance where the insurer brand has been more active in making their customer happy and providing breakthrough deals in a policy period now and then. However, certain benefits remain unheard of or understood. […]

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Difference between Mediclaim and Health Insurance

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It is often seen that people use terms like ‘Mediclaim’ and ‘Health Insurance’ interchangeably during the course of their conversation. Due to similarities between the two, many people assume that they are one and the same. And they are not entirely wrong either. While Mediclaim and Health Insurance do have many things in common in […]

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In India, most insurance plans come with a fixed sum insured. This means that the insurance provider is liable to cover the cost of treatment only up to that amount. If the cost of treatment exceeds sum insured, one has to bear the additional bill from his or her own pocket. This is the reason […]

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