Opting a Daycare Treatment Plan in a Health Insurance- Why is it required?

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Sickness or disease does not announce its arrival before disrupting what we see as a perfectly normal daily routine. Thankfully, medical advancement has made much difference in our lives. One can rely on the healthcare and round-the-clock medical facilities that were not a part of our lives ages ago.

We can always rely on the medical treatments opted for and how they can make things better soon without an overwhelmed sense of living with a disease. However, the expenses might be pretty painful if one is not a forward-looking and excellent strategic manager of the financial crisis. It brings us to an essential part of our lives, opting for a valid health insurance policy. It is unsafe to move forward without a sound plan regarding personal or family health crises.

Today, if one can benefit from world-class medical advancement, the inflating expenses are a cause of concern. Although we cannot do anything to reduce the cost, planning for most of it could be just the thing required. Choosing a suitable health insurance plan for yourself and your family lessens the unnecessary financial trouble, especially when it comes to the health of a loved one.

It is good that not all treatments require hospitalization for more than one day; some could be completed within 24 hours. The facility makes patients less worked up about their medical expenses and the constant panic to be in a hospital and bear the pain for more than 24 hours. The best part is that insurance plans now involve daycare treatments, which require hospitalization for less than 24 hours.

In this article, the expert’s team at Secure Cover will elaborate on the Daycare Treatment and the benefits of adding the facility to a health insurance plan.


Daycare Treatment Insurance and its advantages

Daycare Treatment is the one that could be obtained in a single day or less than 24 hours. It has been made possible due to some of the best technological advancements made in science and medicine. Usually, the health insurance one buys covers treatment requiring hospitalization for more than 24 hours.

Due to the involvement of Daycare Treatment in health insurance, The insurance companies are now also offering coverage of the expenses for the treatment that required hospitalization for less than a day. Therefore, adding a daycare treatment coverage in an insurance plan could benefit when there are no major surgeries or treatments such as cataract surgery, Cancer chemotherapy, etc.

Knowing the advantages of the plan

Here are some of the known advantages of choosing the daycare treatment in an insurance plan:

  1. The claim procedure is a convenient and straightforward as it is during a regular in-patient hospitalization. A policyholder can also go for cashless claims or reimburse the medical expenses if their insurance plan includes daycare treatment. The respective insurance provider must be informed within 24 hours about an emergency surgery the insured or their family needs to go through.
  2. Remember that most of the daycare treatments are usually planned, so the expenses for these planned surgeries could be reimbursed or covered by the insurance company via the cashless method too. Therefore, the insured needs to inform about such surgery beforehand so that the process could become hassle-free.
  3. The tax deductions claim feature also comes in handy when more benefits are added to a health policy. For example, adding daycare treatment would help claim the tax deducted while paying the premium amount.


What are the Surgeries/Treatment included in a Daycare Treatment coverage?

There is a list of surgeries and treatments that an insurance company could cover if the insurer has opted for daycare treatment coverage in their health policy. While choosing an insurance policy that has the facility to cover the expenses of a single day hospitalization, remember to check the following list of treatments: –


Treatment category Treatment sub-category
Nose and Sinus 1. Nasal sinus aspiration
2. Operation on nasal Concha
3. Foreign body removal.
4. Other operations on the nose.
Ear 1. Incision of the inner ear.
2. Operations on the middle ear.
3. Stapedectomy.
4. Reconstruction of the middle ear
5. Operations on the auditory ossicles.
6. Other operations on the inner ear
Eyes 1. Cataract operation
2. Tear duct operations.
3. Corrective surgery – entropion & ectropion
4. Corneal incision
5. Eyelid incision
6. Removal of foreign body
Bones 1. Ligament tear and meniscus tear surgery
2. Fractures and sutures on tendons
3. Other joint and bone surgery
4. Dislocation surgery
5. Orthopaedics and trauma surgery
Tongue 1. Glossectomy
2. Other operations on the tongue
3. Reconstruction of the tongue
Other Operations 1. Radiotherapy (for cancer)
2. Incisions to the mouth, jaw, and face
3. Radiotherapy (for cancer)
4. Other operations to the mouth and face
5. Coronary angiography
6. Chemotherapy
7. Excision of diseased skin & subcutaneous tissues, etc.

What becomes essential while opting for a daycare treatment plan is the thorough reading of the policy guidelines and the medical procedures. Most of the time, the insurance company includes an elaborated idea under the medical procedure’s name, stating what treatment has what facility and how the insurance company will help.

This information is crucial to make the right choice and not fool yourself with a decision that proves to be difficult and troublesome at the time of need.


What to look for while choosing a Daycare Treatment Plan?

If you have a Mediclaim policy, there is nothing to worry about. It already involves a proper daycare treatment plan with the needed curated benefits. However, one can never be sure of the knowledge about all the policy guidelines.

Hence, the best way to check all the pointers that satisfy your policy needs. For example, it would be beneficial whenever you require an insurance claim for a hospitalization that is not an extended stay but for less than 24 hours.

  • Look for the sum insured amount in the Mediclaim policy/health insurance plan. Considering the medical advancement that has been able to make a surgery be performed in a single day, the cost could be pretty expensive. Hence, one needs to find a sum insured amount covering the more significant surgical and other medical expenses in a daycare plan.
  • Even while opting for a daycare plan, figure out the personal or familial need. A person needs to know the insurance policy requirement for their individual need or the family. Based on the same, it is advisable to make an insurance policy as comprehensive as possible.
  • Check for any Co-payment clause in the policy to know how much ratio of the insurer’s expenses needs to share with the insurance company and payout of his pocket.
  • Make sure there are enough Network Hospitals associated with the insurance company. This helps choose the hospital nearest to your location to make it easier to obtain treatment when needed.
  • Also, look for any condition or situation where the insurance company does not cover the expenses for the daycare treatment. It would save the last-minute confusion at the time of obtaining the treatment and paying the bills.


Let’s Wrap Up!                       

A daycare treatment Plan is essential to be included in a health policy for when a person does not require an extended stay in hospital. The absence of such a plan would mean incurring the expense out of one’s pocket. Also, it is advisable to inform the insurance company about the treatment plan in a stipulated time so that there is no hassle when claiming the amount and paying bills.

Adding extra benefits to an insurance plan could always do the trick by lessening the financial issues and obtaining a better healthcare facility.

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