Medical/Health Insurance

With rising cost of medical treatment, medical or health insurance not only protects your physical health, but also your financial health. Secure Cover brings you a wide range of Mediclaim and Health Insurance plans at best prices. We have plans that meet your insurance needs, as individual as well as a family, and also fit your budget.

Why you need insurance?

  • To ensure that you and your family are not deprived of quality treatment due to lack of money
  • To ensure that you don’t face financial crisis due to expensive medical treatment
  • To ensure that you save tax under Section 80D of Income Tax Act on Mediclaim/health insurance premium

Features of Medical/Health Insurance Plans

  • Covers Hospitalization expenses in case of injury or sickness
  • Provide life insurance benefit to nominee in case of death due to accident
  • Provide compensation in case of loss of body part in an accident
  • Provide compensation for the loss of income due to sickness or injury
  • Provide facility for Annual health checkups

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Critical Illness Insurance

It ensures that you get best treatment for life threatening critical illnesses without having to worry about the medical bill. Critical Illness insurance provides cover against as many as 34 different types of critical illnesses including Cancer, Heart Attack, Paralysis, organ failure. The insurance payout helps meet treatment cost for certain types of illnesses which general health insurance plans may not cover.

Why you need Critical Illness Insurance?

  • To prevent yourself from facing financial ruin due to high cost of treatment for critical illnesses
  • Get financial assistance to meet cost of care and treatment for critical illness
  • To get financial support in the event of loss of income due to critical illness.
  • To meet cost overruns on health insurance plans
  • To provide cover for those illnesses not covered by general health insurance plans.

Features of Critical Illness Insurance

  • Provide lump sum to meet treatment and other expenses as well as to make up for any loss of income due to the life threatening illness
  • Provides tax benefit under sections 80D of the income tax act
  • 100% benefit payout is done upon diagnosis of critical illness
  • Some plans provide accidental death benefits as well as compensation in case of disability.

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Senior Citizen Insurance

With old age come worries of ill health. Senior Citizen Insurance is a must for the old and elderly (i.e. typically those above 60 years of age) so as to provide financial support in the event of a disease, infection or illness. These insurance plans cover hospital expenses and treatment costs and are especially useful for those who have fixed or limited income in the form of pension and other savings.

Why You Need Senior Citizen Insurance?

  • To protect the old and the elderly against financial crisis due to high cost of treatment.
  • To avail benefits of free health check-ups so as to be able to monitor health and detect any illness or disease on time.
  • To meet medical expenses not only during hospitalization but also post-hospitalization in case of illnesses that continue for a longer periods of time.
  • To get tax benefit on insurance premium according to section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

Features of Senior Citizen Insurance

  • Subject to waiting period, senior citizen insurance plans provide cover for pre-existing conditions such as diabetes and hypertension.
  • The plan provides cashless hospitalization facility
  • In addition to allopathic treatment, certain plans provide coverage for treatment undertaken through alternative methods such as Ayurveda, Unani, Sidha and Homeopathy.
  • In case of no claim, certain plans provide upto 150% increase in sum insured.

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