How does Preventive care provide the ultimate benefit in the US Health Insurance?

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A survey has confirmed that health insurance companies have to pay a relatively more enormous sum than the amount paid to the insured to prevent disease. The survey seems to be stating something much obvious since Prevention is always better and cheaper than cure. A cure for an illness disease would mean spending much money, but prevention would diligently lower the suffering financially and physically. Due to these reasons, the federal government of the US decided to implement under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) in March 2010- The Preventive Care Services in the US Health Insurance.

The government in the US understands that instead of providing the people of the US thousands of dollars in return for a pretty high premium amount each month, why not include certain preventive services to them at absolutely no extra cost. Hence, the outlook of the US government towards health insurance help made things more smooth and accessible to the citizens and even the international students. The government instructed all the health insurance companies to add preventive care services, even in those insurance policies available in the US insurance marketplace, at no cost.

In this article, the insurance expert’s from Secure Cover will elaborate on the benefits and understanding of Preventive services in health insurance in the US. Also, explaining how international students would benefit from this feature in the US health plan.

Preventive Care Services

These are the services that comprise check-ups, any screening of the patient for prevention of a particular disease, or any other disease-related problem. Having a Preventive Care Service in a health insurance plan would mean that the policyholder would have an added advantage- Not paying any copayment, coinsurance, or meet the requirement of paying a deductible before the health plan kicks in.

According to the policy guidelines, people who bought health insurance in the US would have their preventive care service for adults, women, and children covered in the health plan. One could say that these services are almost for the need to keep people healthy and get regular check-ups whenever needed so that when the time remains, there is more potential for their recovery.


What does a Preventive Care Service usually Include?

Preventive Care Services cover differently for Adults, women, and children, stating their requirement as per the services covered by comprehensive health insurance by a specific insurance company. Following the guidelines of the federal government, a few of the services should be included in all kinds of health insurance, especially the comprehensive one’s:

  • Doctor’s visits are conducted annually to physically analyze a person for any contingency or potential disease occurrence.
  • Annual Gynaecological or dental care visits
  • Insulin expenses
  • Diagnostic tests for cancer such as skin, screening of high blood pressure, or even high cholesterol.
  • Tests like Colonoscopies and mammograms
  • Medication for any specific allergy
  • Immunization (COVID Vaccine could be amongst them) *Ask your insurance advisor or insurer to confirm this.
  • Contraception


How can Preventive care help an Internation Student?

A student traveling abroad to begin their higher education in the US is always advised or mandated by their concerned universities to obtain health insurance which could either be university-sponsored or from an external source. Now, such international students should purchase health insurance under ACA compatible plans, which cover the preventive care services without paying extra costs to the insurer company.

According to The balance, statistics show that hospital care facilities are so expensive that they make 1/3rd of all healthcare costs in the US. Students who would not have access to preventive care services in their health insurance would end up using the emergency room only as their primary care unit. Emergency rooms could range from moderate to significant for a student uninsured with a preventive ACA compatible plan.

It also means that these annual screenings for a student to live a healthy student life in the US would not be possible then, and they would end up paying out-of-their-pockets every time they decide to pay a visit to the physician. Students who choose to purchase a preventive care plan in their health policy would benefit from counseling and therapy sessions against alcohol addiction, drug addiction, and other substance abuse.

Secure Cover offers Secure Cover Plus, and Secure Cover Elite provides cover for medical services that have been proved as a result of clinical evidence to be safe and effective either in early detection of or prevention of disease. Plans under Secure Cover offer an international student policyholder the advantage of no deductible or co-pay if the healthcare services have opted from the In-Network or Preferred.  Providers.


Let’s Wrap Up!

Having Preventive care in health insurance means eliminating the risk of many chronic diseases with means to afford annual check-ups and preventive treatment. Having your healthcare cost cut short due to providence for diagnostic screening, annual check-ups could be beneficial for international students and adults residing in the US. Hence, an insurance plan assisting in controlling the spread of infection and disease is a must to be purchased, especially in a distant land.

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