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As the saying goes, ‘a stitch in time saves nine’. This means that if a problem is identified and resolved at the onset, it would not grow into something big and unmanageable. One of the best ways to ensure good health is to undertake regular check-ups so as to be able to identify any disease or illness in time and take measures to nip them in the bud. These days, many health insurance companies offer free health check-ups to their clients on yearly basis.
In this blog, we will discuss such free health checkups, why insurance companies offer such benefits, what is the procedure for getting free check-up and what all tests and checkups are offered.


For many, free health check-up may look like a fruitless and unnecessary expenditure for the insurance company. However, if one looks deeply, one would find that, in the long run, such health check-ups may end up saving money for the insurance provider. This is because assessment of one’s health status helps a person to find out if something is wrong with his or her body.

– Health Checkups help identify early signs of illness or disease which could grow and cause severe problem requiring costly medical treatment which could cost a lot of money to the insurance company.

– It makes the client aware of one’s health status and motivates him or her to take proper care of one’s health, thereby reducing his or her chances of falling sick.

– Free check-up also saves money for the client who might have to spend a lot of money on annual check-up, if done privately.

– It is a value added benefit which helps increase brand loyalty of the customer towards a particular health insurance company.


A person can avail this benefit from any plan that offers free health check-up on annual or bi-annual basis. However, one cannot go to any hospital or clinic and seek health check-up at will. Since it is offered by the insurance provider, one should first call the company (usually a toll-free number) and seek assistance in getting free health check-up.


Below are the following steps that one should follow to get free health check-up

Step 1: Go through the policy document and read the terms and conditions of free health check-up offers. Some plans offer annual health check-ups while for others, one qualifies only after 4 years of consecutive cover with no claims made. The policy document also lists out the diagnostic tests that are provided by the company as part of free health check-up.

Step 2: If the health plan offers free health check-up, then one should call the insurance provider to avail this benefit. Usually, Insurance companies provide a separate Toll-Free number when one can call and enquire about such facility. Some even provide coupons for such checkups with policy documents.

Step 3: Put a formal request for health check-up with the insurance company, after providing the insurance policy number and other information such as convenient time and place.

Step 4: Health Insurance Provider will call back and notify if the request is accepted by the company. If it is accepted, it would provide information on the time and place, where the person has to appear for the said check-up. They also provide authorization letter to clients which they are required to show at the medical centre to get the check-up.

Step 5: Go to the designated health or medical centre and get the check-up done. These checkups are usually provided in network hospitals and clinics.

Once the check-up and tests are done, the client is provided with health status report. A copy of that report is also sent to the health insurance provider. However, one should note that any adverse result of such tests and check-ups do not adversely affect insurance premium for the client in future.

What tests and checkups are included?

Some of the common medical tests and checkups that are include most plans are as follows:

– Blood Sugar Test

– Test for Blood Platelet count

– Urine test

– Cholesterol Check

– PPBS (postpradinal/lunch blood sugar) test

– ECG (Electrocardiogram) Test

In Conclusion

Free health check-up is a benefit that one should definitely avail as it helps a person know the status of one’s body and health. It also helps identify if one is either suffering or likely to suffer from a disease in near future. This will help a person take preventive measure and stop the illness or disease from becoming a major ailment. It also helps health insurance companies who benefit by providing cover for low cost treatment at early stage and thereby saving money on costly treatment that might be required if the illness or disease is not addressed in time.

Disclaimer: The content of this blog is based on personal research of the writer. Reader’s discretion is advised. Neither Secure Cover nor the writer will be held responsible for any wrongful interpretation of the content of this blog.

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